How to start your adventure with Xentury?

Uchitha hettiarachchi
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Founder/ Creative Director

Choosing the right team for collaboration on your project can sometimes be a challenging experience. You've likely heard stories about projects that greatly exceed their original scope, take much longer than initially agreed upon, and still fail to achieve something even marginally close to the original vision.This is precisely why we take the initial discovery call seriously. We strive to deconstruct your project into understandable components, carefully digesting and evaluating their creative and technical possibilities. Since we intentionally operate in small teams and focus on a few clients at a time to maximize our creative efficiency, we thoroughly evaluate the full project scope with our team to ensure that our clients' hopes and expectations are met without compromise.

First things first:

Understanding the unique value proposition of your product and market fit

We typically ask questions like the following to ensure that we fully understand your product and can craft the ideal creative strategy and technical roadmap:

  • Who is your end-user, and what is the key problem you are trying to solve?
  • What are the key features of your product?
  • What are the key actions that you want the users to perform?
  • What is the most effective approach to planning an MVP, and what should be the key milestones of the product roadmap?

Once we understand the purpose of your product and how it is supposed to solve the specific pain points faced by your target audience, we get together as a team to brainstorm and discuss the best possible creative strategy to effectively tell your story and craft your digital product to function as the supportive platform for the users to get their needs met in the most intuitive way possible.

Our process is streamlined to perfection to make your life easier

  1. Performing in-depth market analysis/ Competitor research and identifying where we should strategically position your product to maximize its relevancy to the chosen user demographics and the user persona.
  2. Defining the key components of the brand visual DNA. (Logo, color direction, typographic direction, etc.)
  3. Evaluating Human-centered User experience aspects to craft intuitive Wireframes and we will build functional prototypes to understand and evaluate the key components of the product architecture.
  4. High Fidelity designs to visualize how the final product is going to look like. (At this stage we play with design elements, illustrations, animations to make sure that your brand is a creative masterpiece)
  5. Reviewing final designs/Usability tests and further refining the products.
  6. Handing over the designs to technical teams.

How do we choose the right technology stack for your products?

Choosing the ideal tech stack to effectively implement your core product features can be confusing. There are many factors to consider from the project's beginning, as technical limitations unique to each tech stack can directly impact the product features. Therefore, we continuously collaborate with our internal tech teams to define the correct product architecture to support your business goals, enabling our product design team to feel fully confident in their creations.

Since most early-stage businesses focus on implementing an MVP to test their initial business model, it's important to consider how we plan to scale the product features and their related benefits beyond the MVP stage. We carefully evaluate the complete roadmap for the project to ensure future scalability.


We understand that each digital product has its own personality, and the creative approach that works for one product may not be suitable for another. Hence, we remain flexible and open-minded at each project stage to achieve the best possible results for your organization and the end consumer. This is why we are highly collaborative from the start. We take extreme ownership of your project, ensuring frequent updates on our progress and seeking your valuable input on each creative and technical decision. You have no reason to worry; we will always have your back and ensure you have the best experience throughout the project and beyond. We are excited to hear your story!

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