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What are the core services provided by your agency ?

You can expect a 360-degree digital solution which covers services ranging from creative product strategy, brand identity, user experience design, user interface design, illustrations, animations, creative copywriting to final technical implementations using the latest tech stacks. With our agency, all these services can be facilitated under a one roof to craft a world-class digital experiences for brands just like yours.

What’s your team structure and what makes you special ?

We, Xenturians prefer to work in small, yet organised teams. Our team is only assigned to a limited number of projects at a given time, to make sure the quality of the output is never disturbed. We stand out from the rest for a good number of reasons. First, it’s the quality of our craft and the passion we have towards it. As every aspect of the project is closely monitored by assigned design directors and technical specialists, you will have the luxury of seeing your vision come alive just as you envisioned. We take user experience really seriously and we take complete ownership of the project to ensure that final product is truly word-class.

What is your pricing model? And, what’s the process of issuing a quotation?

Upon the initial discovery call, we start to break the project into mini-tasks/milestones. We will then discuss and decide the best strategy to achieve the required outcomes with our design and technical teams. The final quotation will be issued to meet your specific project requirements.

Do you work with early-stage startups?

Yes, we do! Xenturians are always up for a challenge. We love to collaborate with aspiring founders to bring their game-changing ideas to life. Whether you have been funded or just trying to put together MVP to battle test your product ideas, we have got you covered. So, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are eagerly waiting to hear your story.

Do you handle large-scaled B2B/B2C enterprise applications?

Yes of course, We do have the ability to handle a project of any scale and we have the ability to quickly scale up our resources if necessary. We have a solid team of in-house developers, and we also have formed solid partnerships with carefully vetted development teams to handle any demanding project. Just talk to us regarding your project requirements and we will guide you through the process.

How can we effectively communicate and track the project progress?

We value and respect the right that our clients have to know what’s going on with their project handed over to us. Once a project is undertaken by us, we will usually onboard you on a dedicated slack channel or a MS Teams group to frequently update you regarding each creative and technical decision taken. At an instance where the client prefers another communication platform, we will make arrangements to facilitate it as well. In addition to all these, we also follow a few project management models which can be chosen based on the nature of the project.

We have an in-house developer team, will you be able help us with just the designs?

We are 100% flexible with that. We completely understand that you are trying to effectively utilise the available resources. If it’s just the designing part you need us to help with, we’ll make sure our part is done at its best meeting your requirements.

Can we sign a quick NDA before discussing the project requirements?

For sure we can! NDA is a mandatory agreement we sign alongside the official agency contract during the onboarding process. You have zero reasons to worry about the confidentiality of the project.